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The Institute of Political, Economic & Social Research (IPOKE) is a non-governmental research organization based in Athens, Greece.

The founding members of the Institute are University Professors and Researchers with wide experience in teaching, training, and conducting international comparative research.

We are specialized in providing consulting services in the fields of Health Economics, Pharma-Economics, Health Econometrics, Quality of Life, Public Health, and the Socio-economic determinants of Health.

Our Scientific Team has extensive expertise in the interface of clinical research and economic evaluation and has published widely in refereed journals.

We have extensive experience in developing economic models and applying those models to substantiate policy decisions. At the same time, our modern logistics infrastructure and organization add to our competitiveness and enhance our ability to produce high-quality research.



Health Economics

Our Institute specializes in Health Economics Research and Services for our partners and customers. The broad spectrum of health economics requires expertise and in-depth knowledge in various sectors. We have invested in a strong team of specialists in several pillars such as HTA (Health Technology Assessment), QoL (Quality of Life), Econometric modeling, Pricing & reimbursement, and Market Access. The research findings of our team have been published in world-recognized Health Economics journals.


Health Policy Research

Our research team has a long-standing experience in collecting and analyzing policy information from health surveys based on both qualitative and quantitative studies. In-depth knowledge in survey analysis and designing questionnaires for quality of life and health policy interventions have been developed over the years, in close collaboration with stakeholders and patient groups. The implementation of health reforms across Southern and Eastern European Countries has been analyzed during the economic crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic.


Efficiency Analysis

Our research team consists of econometricians and operation researchers aiming at the investigation of efficiency at both macro and micro levels. Efficiency at the macro level has been investigated across the European Member States and at the micro-level using data from hospitals, diagnostic centers, dialysis units, and other health care organizations. The findings of our research point out the need for the reconfiguration of health systems, funding mechanisms, motives towards improvements in productivity, health-related behavior, and accountability.


Economic Evaluation

Our approach in Economic Evaluation identifies the best and most feasible way to allocate resources in order to receive the best value for money. Our Scientific Practices are both traditional and more elaborated models for evaluating value for money. The needs and requirements of our customers are of the utmost importance and the driving force to decide and implement the most relevant studies for Budget Impact, Cost-Effectiveness, and Cost-Utility Analysis.


Pricing & Market Access

Our Institute has a long-standing experience in strategic pricing, product positioning in the market, and developing the value dossier for submission in the reimbursement authorities. We help pharmaceutical companies and health institutions to ensure optimal pricing for their products and rapid market access in accordance with patient needs and payer requirements. Our goal aims to detailed teamwork in close collaboration with several patient groups across Europe.



Our Decision Analytic Models are widely used to synthesize evidence from different interventions, generalize results and assess the options under uncertainty. Our team has been working in constructing and validating models in accordance with the most recent HTA guidelines. Disease simulation models as well as Multi-criteria Decision Analysis have been applied to demonstrate value for money for new pharmaceuticals and technological advances.




Our team consists of Academic and Research Professionals with a long-standing tradition in teaching and research across Europe and USA. They are faculty members of accredited Research Institutes and Universities and contribute to Under Graduate and Post Graduate studies leading to MBA in Health Economics, Health Management and HTA or Ph.D., Degrees.

Collaborations have been established with the following Universities: University of Liverpool U.K., University of Leuven Belgium, University of Warsaw Poland, University of Sofia Bulgaria, Hacettepe University Turkey, Philips University Cyprus and the University of Athens Greece.

Training programmes have been developed in the following areas:

  • Health Management
  • Health Economics
  • Health Technology Assessment
  • Quality of Life and Health Outcome Research
  • Epidemiology and Biostatistics
  • Strategic Pricing and Reimbursement
  • Comparative Efficiency Across Europe and OECD Countries

The participants are awarded with Certification of attendance from both IPOKE® and the accredited University.

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Health Economics
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